Sustainable Investment

Investment Focus

How Iona Adds Value:

  • negotiating exclusive rights to projects with developers;
  • de-risking through design, structuring and contracts negotiation;
  • delivering these projects to financial completion
  • ensuring that they achieve operational performance targets.

What We Do

Where We Specialise

New Project Specialisation:

Iona specialises in primary investments in sustainable infrastructure projects, with a particular focus on  Bioenergy, Energy Efficiency, Energy from Waste, and Recycling.

Low Risk

The core philosophy underpinning the selection of projects is that they are well-proven technologies/processes with strong counterparties thereby lowering the overall risk profile. Construction risk is further reduced with a comprehensive construction contract package with non-performance penalties.


Iona seeks to deliver unlevered returns of 10% + which it achieves by investing in primary projects and delivering these projects through to full operational capability. These projects are typically financed with 100% equity (5% pure equity, 95% shareholder loans) but once fully operational a refinancing will be undertaken. 


Iona is a signatory to PRI with an A rating across all categories and provides clear reports on key ESG KPI’s. This includes specific and measurable carbon savings.

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