Sustainable Investment

Energy from Waste

Energy from waste (EFW) defines a type of incineration that involves burning waste at high temperatures to produce energy.

Energy from Waste

Iona has developed a portfolio of Energy from Waste (“EfW”) projects to take advantage of the market opportunity as the UK moves towards full diversion of waste from landfill.


Waste is collected by councils and private companies and delivered to an EfW facility.


Waste is then burned at the facility using a proven technology which generates a hot flue gas.


Hot flue gasses travel through a boiler, generating steam, which in turn drives a turbine and generates electricity.


All facilities have systems that remove particulates and clean up the gases from the burned waste before they are released through the chimney.


Ash is created as a by-product from this process. Metals are recovered for recycling before ash is sent to an ash processing plant to be turned into an aggregate.