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Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and products. The key stages of the recycling process include the collection and segregation of waste materials followed by the processing or manufacturing of these materials into new materials and products. Recycled materials can substitute for a range of raw materials including metals, plastics, glass, paper and wood as well as other organic materials (e.g. textiles and food).  

Metal Recycling

Battery Recycling

Plastics and Textile Recycling

Food Recycling

Waste Hierarchy
Circular Economy

Opportunities in the Emerging Circular Economy

The growth of the world economy has put increasing pressure to over-exploit the planet’s finite natural resources. Only by increasing the levels of recycling across a wide range of materials will we be able to continue to grow our economy sustainably whilst protecting the planet from the resource depletion that will disadvantage future generations.

Hence, the concept of the Circular Economy is central to Iona’s investment focus – funding projects in a range of material streams that enhance material circularity and follow the principles of the Waste Hierarchy

We see multiple opportunities in materials recycling as legislation tightens, consumer preferences shift, waste supply chains strengthen, recycling technologies mature and business models evolve.  Each of these sub-sectors have attractive commercial dynamics whilst also delivering a significant impact on the environment