Sustainable Investing

About Iona

Iona Capital was formed in 2011 to facilitate long-term sustainable investing into primary low-carbon infrastructure projects. Iona manages funds for institutional investors which provide equity and subordinated debt into projects.

Our hands-on approach and deep domain knowledge enable the optimum management and mitigation of project risks. Extensive experience of primary sustainable projects aligned with bio-energy projects and associated sub-sectors – such as energy storage, energy efficiency, and EV (electrical vehicles).

Innovative project structuring and risk mitigation approaches deliver opportunities across multiple sub-sectors.

Iona's Purpose Statement

"By delivering superior investment returns in sustainable businesses, help drive funding to accelerate the transition to a low carbon global economy."

This defines and directs Iona’s primary focus on sourcing and funding environmental investment opportunities and its commitment to investing sustainably.

It also underpins our fundamental belief that enhanced risk-adjusted investment returns are both fully compatible with and also driven by a responsible and progressive approach to ESG as markets, governments and consumers increasingly embrace the necessary transition to a sustainable economy.

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