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The Salop Biogas AD facility is an anaerobic digester plant that is being developed in a joint undertaking between Iona Capital, an investor in environmental Infrastructure and Shropshire based Grocontinental, one of the UK’s leading storage and distribution companies. The AD plant is located on a dedicated 5 acre site adjacent to the extensive Grocontinental distribution and storage facilities in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Much of the agricultural feedstocks to fuel the AD plant will be provided by a cooperative of over 12 local farms, which due to continuing low milk prices have been forced to diversify out of dairy farming. Organic fertilizer in the form of liquid digestate from the AD process will be used on these local farms to replace chemical fertilizers during the crop growing seasons. The AD process will generate over 2MW of electricity that will provide renewable energy to the meet a large proportion of the electrical demand of the extensive temperature controlled warehousing facilities within the 35 acre Grocontinental site and help to make the site significantly self-sufficient in terms of its energy consumption.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion, popularly known as AD or biogas, is the controlled breakdown of organic matter without air to produce a combustible biogas and nutrient rich organic by-product.

About Iona Capital

Iona Capital Ltd manages funds for institutional investors which provide equity and subordinated debt into renewable infrastructure projects in the BioEnergy sector. Iona investment focus is on long term, low risk, infrastructure projects that deliver non correlated cash yields to investors. Iona develops strategic partnerships and uses sector-specific expertise and financial skills to source, evaluate, execute and monitor investments on behalf of its investors.

About Grocontinental

Grocontinental is a family-owned business with origins going back to 1941. It is one of the UK’s leading international storage and distribution companies. Operating from a purpose-built 35 acre site in Whitchurch, Shropshire, the company works with some of the world’s biggest food industry brands, primarily serving the dairy, meat and bakery products. Its warehousing capacity is in excess of 200,000 pallets with multi-temperature storage ranging from – 28°c to +12°c. Operating a fleet of 60 tractor units and 120 temperature controlled trailers, the company provides distribution and storage services to the food industry, together with a range of specialised services. Grocontinental celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2016.


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