Whitchurch Biogas

Deal Overview

The facility is located adjacent to Agro Merchants Ltd, one of the country’s leading temperature-controlled storage and logistics providers to the food industry. Grocott Development has partnered in the development of the plant and also takes the majority of the electricity generated via a private wire, thus allowing the majority of Agro Merchant’s 3MWh peak electrical demand to be serviced by green energy. Heat produced by the facility is used to dry logs and wood chip for local forestry contractors. The plant is operated and maintained by IMS.

The facility processes energy crops, agricultural residues and whey permeate residues from nearby dairy processors and cheesemaking facilities. The crops are grown by a co-operative of over 10 local farms in the vicinity of the plant, who also take the digestate produced by the plant. The site benefits from ROCs and RHI tariffs.

Investment NameWhitchurch Biogas Ltd
LocationWhitchurch, Shropshire
Deal ClosedMay 2016
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings2,068 Tonnes CO2e