Stanley Renewable Energy

Deal Overview

Stanley Renewable Energy was established in January 2013. The facility generates in excess of 2,000 MWh of electricity per annum which is used by the farm or exported to the national grid. Waste heat from the combined heat and power (“CHP”) unit is also used by the farm.

The facility processes grass silage, pig slurry and cattle manure and benefits from the government’s Feed in Tariff (“FIT”) and Renewable Heat Incentive (“RHI”) subsidies, which are 20 year indexed linked subsidies that are part of the government’s programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK. Digestate produced by the facility is used by the farm.

The plant was designed and built by PlanET, who also provide technical and biological support to the project.

Investment NameStanley Renewable Energy Ltd
LocationPonsonby Old Hall Farm, Cumbria
Deal ClosedJanuary 2013
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings170 Tonnes CO2e