Newbridge Energy

Deal Overview

NEL owns 100% of Blazer’s Fuels Limited, a trading subsidiary.

Blazer Fuels manufactures and supplies 6mm ENPlus A1 wood pellets and is listed on the approved biomass suppliers list. The business has also been manufacturing the Blazers fuel logs (“Briquettes”) since 1999 and has a reputation for quality and service. Wood pellets and Briquettes are manufactured from the residue created from the manufacturing of other timber products. Off-cut logs, edge trimmings and chipped timber form the basis of the manufacturing process. Pellets and Briquettes are then bagged in either retail packs, tonne bags or bulk transferred via vehicles.

A key part of the transaction was not only to acquire NEL but also to replace an existing old boiler with a new biomass CHP and wood drying equipment.
The new biomass CHP qualifies for ROCs and RHI generating significant revenue enhancement for the Company.


Investment NameNewbridge Energy Ltd
LocationRuthin, Denbighshire
Deal ClosedJune 2016
TechnologyBiomass Combined Heat and Power
Carbon Savings1,293 Tonnes CO2e

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