Iona Management Services

Deal Overview

One of the UK’s leading independent service providers within the low carbon renewables sector. Alongside other disruptive technologies, IMS provides operations and maintenance services on-demand to anaerobic digestion, combined heat and power (CHP) and biomass projects.

Iona Management Services (“IMS”) was established in August 2015 as Advantage Biogas, and renamed Iona Management Services in July 2021. It provides support services to AD plants across the UK focusing on day to day operations, routine and reactive maintenance, health and safety reporting, plant optimisation and biological services. The team is unique in that it is not limited to any one particular technology.

If you are interested in finding out more about Iona Management Services then please follow this link to the full IMS website. This site gives you more details on how to enquire after the Critical Spares service the company offers. Further the IMS website also gives a detailed account of Onsite Consulting, Operations and Maintenance and Other services that can also be offered.

Investment NameIona Management Services
LocationYork, Yorkshire
Deal ClosedNovember 2013
TechnologyOperations & Maintenance
Carbon SavingsN/A
Iona Management Services