Howla Hay Biogas

Deal Overview

Howla Hay Biogas was established in March 2013.The AD plant was supplied by PlanET and is capable of generating in excess of 3,000MWh per annum.

The facility processes slurry, grass sileage, sugar beet and cattle manure and benefits from the FiTs subsidy associated with the production of electricity that is transmitted directly into the National Grid.

The plant also benefits from RHI as a result of heat generated by the process being advantageous for other uses. In addition to the digestate produced by the facility being distributed onto surrounding farmlands.

Investment NameHowla Hay BiogasĀ 
LocationGuisborough, North Yorkshire
Deal ClosedMarch 2013
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings995 Tonnes CO2e (SAP 5)
Howla Hay Biogas