Home Farm Biogas

Deal Overview

Home Farm Biogas was established in November 2013. The AD plant was supplied by Anaergia, a global leader in delivering AD solutions having built over 1,600 facilities across the world, and generates in excess of 1,600MWh of electricity per annum.

The farm supplies the feedstock from existing farm manure and slurries, supplemented with organic energy crops and vegetable waste. The facility receives income under FITs, with the electricity being used on the farm or sold to the national grid. The farm also utilises the heat from the facility that attracts RHI support and uses the digestate on its land as a bio-fertiliser.

Investment NameHome Farm Biogas 
Waste typeFarm waste
Deal ClosedNovember 2013
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings995 Tonnes CO2e (SAP5)


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