Haworth ASL

Deal Overview

Haworth ASL is the first of a pipeline of projects that will deploy the proprietary technology of Envacet.

Envacet has developed a waste recycling system that processes abattoir residues into tallow oil, high protein solids and effluent. The tallow can be used as a renewable energy source (biodiesel), the solids are used in animal feeds and the effluent can be used as an input to AD, spread to land or treated in a water treatment plant. 

Envacet will design, build and operate the facility and ensure the integration of their technology with the existing abattoir infrastructure.

HCF is a privately-owned processor of laying hens that has 40% of the UK & Irish market. HCF produces 11,000 tonnes per annum of chicken waste (CAT3) as well as 1,000 tonnes per annum of CAT2 waste which is suitable for the ASL unit.

Envacet will be responsible for the quality of the outputs under their operating agreement and will market the three products derived from the process on behalf of Haworth ASL.

Investment NameEnvacet Limited
LocationChesterfield, Derbyshire
Deal ClosedSeptember 2018
TechnologyProprietary ASL Process Technology
Carbon SavingsN/A
Haworth ASL