Gravel Pit Biogas

Deal Overview

Iona Capital invested in Gravel Pit Biogas in September 2015 and is operated by IMS. The facility injects over 2.6-2.9 million m3 per annum of biomethane into the local gas grid.

The AD plant was supplied by PlanET, a leading AD plant manufacturer that has completed over 400 biogas plants worldwide. The biogas is upgraded using Prodeval’s “Valopur” membrane system.

The project benefits from RHI for biomethane, RHI for heat and Renewable Obligation Certificates (“ROCs”), all of which are index-linked subsidies that are part of the government’s programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK. Digestate from the plant is used as bio-fertiliser by local farms.

Investment NameGravel Pit Biogas Ltd
LocationSand Hutton, North Yorkshire
Deal ClosedSeptember 2015
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings1,180 Tonnes CO2e
Gravel Pit Biogas