Brocklesby Biogas

Deal Overview

Brocklesby Biogas was established in July 2016 and is operated by IMS. The facility is located adjacent to Brocklesby Ltd (“BL”) who provide the feedstock and are the offtake for the heat produced by the CHPs, with the electricity produced currently exported to the national grid. 

The facility was designed and constructed by BioConstruct GmbH, a leading German biogas company that has not only built over 200 plants across Europe but also owns and operates AD plants in Germany.

The site benefits from the Renewable Obligation Certificates (“ROCs”) and Renewable Heart Incentive (“RHI”) tariffs, which are 20 year indexed linked subsidies that are part of the government’s programme to support renewable energy projects in the UK.

The facility produces a bio-fertiliser (“digestate”) as a by-product, which is spread on local farmlands. The facility’s digestate is PAS110 accredited, a nationally accepted quality standard.

Investment NameBrocklesby Biogas Ltd
LocationNorth Cave, Brough
Deal ClosedJuly 2016
TechnologyAnaerobic Digestion
Carbon Savings1,357 Tonnes CO2e
Brocklesby Biogas Topdown