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Our most frequent investment focus questions and answers

Why do we focus on sustainable investing?

To do the right thing whilst make strong investment returns.

We believe that creating a better world for future generations is everyone’s responsibility. Indeed, Iona was founded specifically to make sustainable investments that deliver a positive impact on the planet and our communities.

We strongly believe that the increasing recognition and focus on climate change, resource efficiency and the ecosystems is creating value opportunities for investors as new markets, technologies and business models emerge. By focusing on this market, we hope to make superior investment returns.

We are also confident that sustainable investing will soon become the world’s most widely accepted way of investing – and that we will be well positioned to capitalise on this growth opportunity.

What makes Iona Capital different?

As a business we operate with four key principles in mind. We aim to invest with integrity, negotiating in good faith and taking a partnership approach. We maintain an open book communication  with our investors and have multi-level engagement at all stages. We have adopted a no-nonsense approach to business dealings ensuring our investment process is nimble so we can react positively to specific needs and finally ensure accountability across all business relationships. This is what makes us IONA.

Why we invest in Energy from Waste?

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) is widely recognised as a technology that, in the right application, can enhance the treatment of waste (by moving it up the waste hierarchy) and mitigate climate change (by delivering low carbon energy). Whilst prevention, reuse and recycling must remain the key priorities in any waste management strategy, EfW is a preferred strategy over landfill for non-recyclable materials.

Iona looks at EfW on a case-by-case basis to ensure that projects deliver on key sustainability measures, including:

  • Enhancement to waste management (sourcing, segregation and processing) in line with on the waste hierarchy,
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency and usage (using, for example, excess heat for district heating schemes), and
  • Designs that incorporate plans for emerging technologies such as improved material segregation and carbon capture.

Why Is Energy Efficiency so important?

Energy efficiency is important in both the generation and use of energy, as well as the fundamental design of energy efficient processes and equipment. For example, approximately 50%  of energy is lost in traditional centralised gas-fired power plants due to inefficient conversion processes and losses in transmission. Well designed, localised and integrated generation processes can create significant  benefits:

  • Environmental: Increased efficiency can lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other pollutants, as well as decrease water use.
  • Economic: Improving energy efficiency can lower individual utility bills, create local jobs, and help provide more stable and less volatile power and heating costs.

Why is carbon pricing so important?

It’s a cost levied by governments to encourage polluters to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas they emit. Many experts believe it is the single most effective way to reduce emissions.

How do I invest with Iona Capital?

Iona Capital primarily deals with institutional investors only and is therefore not a listed business.

How can I work for Iona Capital?

For all career enquiries please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] 

Where are the Iona Capital offices?

Iona Capital’s HQ is based in London, UK. 

Have a press or media enquiry?

For all press or media enquiries please contact [email protected] 

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